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Hospital Carer Support Worker

  • Full time or Part time
  • £25,002
  • Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline
  • Closing 30th August 2021

  • Advertised from 6th August 2021
  • F/T 35 hours or P/T 28 hours (hours to be agreed)


Imagine that someone you care about is in hospital and it becomes clear that they will need help to manage life when they are discharged and then you realise that you will be the person giving that help! Along with the worry of thinking about their future wellness you might be wondering about what will you be expected to do and able to do, how will you know what help is available to support you looking after them, do you need equipment or adaptations in your home, is there financial help available? All of these questions and many more will be on your mind. Wouldn't it be a relief to know that there is someone close at hand able to help find the answers for you?

Carers are crucial to discharge from hospital being successful and sustained, but they need knowledge, confidence, and support to help it happen. Fife Carers Centre Hospital Carer Support Workers work with carers of people who are currently in hospital helping them to be ready for the individual to be discharged. You will help carers to understand what is happening with the cared for whilst they're in hospital and help to understand what will happen prior to and after discharge. You'll look at the ways in which the carer can be supported and work with colleagues and other organisations to provide that support. This might include Welfare Benefit applications, Emergency Planning, Carer Support Planning and Future planning, advocacy, as well as dealing with the individual ways in which the carers life might be impacted.

As part of the Fife Carers Centre Hospital Carer Support Worker team you will work mainly from Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline but will also support carers of individuals in Lynebank Hospital. You will see carers in the community as well as in Hospital. Some of the work will be remote working and you will visit Fife Carers Centre on a regular basis.

We're looking for someone who is the right person for the job, you'll be compassionate and care about the carer's experience and want to work with them to help maintain their health and wellbeing. You'll use your knowledge, experience and creativity to develop an efficient and effective service to carers

Application notes

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The closing date is 12 Noon on Monday 30th August