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Volunteer Board Member(s)

  • Management Board
  • Unpaid
  • Glasgow
  • Closing 31st March 2023

  • Advertised from 23rd February 2023


Do you want to help make a difference to the lives of families affected by another’s imprisonment – this is a group of people often marginalised and severely impacted, practically, emotionally and financially by the actions of another. Want to learn new skills in the process? - you can by becoming a volunteer Board Member for the Croft HMP Barlinnie’s Visitors Centre.

What we are looking for

We are looking to recruit a number of Board members.

We welcome applicants from any background and experience but are particularly looking for people with the following skills –

  • Treasurer - Accounting/Finance
  • Branding
  • Lived experience of being a family member impacted by another’s imprisonment

What you get from being a Board Member

  1. The chance to give something back into the community and make a real difference to the lives of families impacted by imprisonment - Becoming a Trustee is a fantastic way to give something back to a cause you care about. You’ll be playing an integral part in the way the charity is run, ensuring it remains sustainable and financially viable. The help you provide will be invaluable.
  2. Meet new people - joining a new organisation or charity is a fantastic way to meet new people from a range of different personal and professional backgrounds. There will be annual meetings to attend, day-to-day tasks to complete with other volunteers and staff at the charity, events or activities to do within your local community, as well as many other opportunities to meet new and interesting people.
  3. Learn new things - getting involved as a charity Trustee is a great way to put your professional skills to use, but can also be a fantastic opportunity to learn new things. You’ll get great insight into what’s involved in the management of charities and gain skills on working well within a leadership role.
  4. Improve your CV and enhance your professional development - from learning how organisations are run to planning finances and attending meetings, this experience can be the perfect way to boost a CV and set you apart from the crowd.


In 2012 local churches and the community recognised that the families of prisoners in HMP Barlinnie had nowhere to go for help on what was happening to their loved one, how to go about arranging a visit, what information and support was available to their family and them.

The Croft Visitors Support and Advice Centre was established as a charity whereby volunteers and support workers met with families prior to and after their visits to get the support and information they needed on whatever issues they were facing. As time has gone on there is now a support service at every Scottish prison, core funded by Scottish Government. The Scottish Government recognised the importance of the centres and created the National Visitors Centre Framework for Scotland which we all follow, stating that -

The service they provide is accessible to all family members and visitors to the prison including those who do not go into the prison to visit their family member.

They achieve positive outcomes for prisoners’ families and friends and for prisoners themselves by fulfilling three core functions:

  • They improve the visits experience for people visiting their family member or loved ones in prison.
  • They help families access independent and impartial advice, information and practical support, which meets their needs.
  • They voice the needs of families affected by imprisonment to the prison they work alongside.

The Croft provide a wide range of support to visitors on an emotional, practical and informative level and are looking for volunteer Board Members to help govern the charity and shape its future whilst making a different to the lives of families affected by imprisonment and often punished for a crime they did not commit. We are looking to redesign our services and expand our provision so this is an ideal opportunity to help shape the future of the charity.

Application notes

Simply send a letter stating which role/roles you are interested in and what skills and experience you would bring to that role along with a copy of your current CV (if you have one) to - the Chairwoman at

If you wish to discuss the role further please email providing contact details and availability to request a call back.

This is an amazing opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of others and learn new skills, working as part of a small team of enthusiastic and caring people and help shape the future of the charity.

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