People First (Scotland)
People First (Scotland)

Charity registered in Scotland SC026039

People First (Scotland) works for the human rights of people who have the labels of Learning Disability or Intellectual Impairment. People First (Scotland) is controlled by its members, who all identify themselves in that way. People First (Scotland) campaigns to establish and protect the same freedom, choice, dignity and control held by other citizens across all areas of life. People First (Scotland) is a membership organisation of people with learning disabilities across Scotland. It is the only national user-controlled and member-led organisation of people with learning disabilities in Scotland and it offers a platform for collective advocacy. Independent Collective Advocacy is designed to help people with learning disabilities to have a stronger voice and to have as much control as possible over their own lives and over policies which affect their lives.

Current vacancies

Midlothian Advocacy Worker

  • Part time
  • £27,120 – £30,102 pro-rata
  • Hybrid: Midlothian
  • Closing 15th August 2024

Please apply and bring your energy to People First (Scotland) work with members and groups delivering and supporting independent collective self-advocacy. We are specific to learning disability,

Members of People First (Scotland) have had established groups in Midlothian for decades members and groups work in partnership with local agencies strategically including through consultation, in awareness raising and training as well as by offering our expertise as what some people call a critical friend. This takes place with respect and based on our approach of Nothing About us without us.

“We look forward to continuing to support People First in its aim to continue demanding, shaping and celebrating change that realises and respects people as humans. We are pleased about our continued partnership.”