Scottish Design Exchange
Scottish Design Exchange
Bringing Scotland's Artists and Designers to your High Street. The Scottish Design Exchange is a unique social enterprise where every penny spent goes directly to those who create. We exist to delight customers, reward artists and boost the local economy. That’s why we consistently buck the retail trend!

Closed vacancies
This vacancy has now closed

Customer Service and Relations Vacancy

  • Part time
  • Sessional
  • Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow.
  • Closing 30th November 2023


• Handling payment transactions

• Ensuring that customer service is delivered in line with standards.

• Assisting customers to resolve any problems or concerns.

• Preparing and replenishing stock as required.

• Ensuring kiosk/display standards are maintained.

• Ensuring housekeeping standards are met.

• Basic visual merchandising duties.

• Maintaining health and safety standards.

• Stock management.

This vacancy has now closed

SDX Store Supervisor

  • Full time
  • £18,304
  • Edinburgh
  • Closing 9th January 2023

This role within SDX is intended to provide direction and support for our store on George Street as well as maintain a consistency of brand and service throughout every aspect of SDX. Supervisors must be able to identify potential risks and find creative solutions to ensure these do not develop into serious problems. Working closely with the Operations Area Manager, you will be responsible for the smooth day to day running of our store.

The Person

You must be able to adapt to new situations and be an effective problem solver. Be able create a positive working environment. It is vitally important that candidates can demonstrate a high level of effective communication. Being willing and able to take on new information and learn new skills is key to this role as SDX is constantly developing and progressing to bigger and better things. Experience in management is essential. The supervisor must be able to manage and motivate their team to achieve their goals and targets as well as resolving any disputes that may arise. The supervisor must lead by example and be a true customer service leader. The supervisor must work in line with the four company values which are

Inspiring POSSIBILITIESWe work together towards our goals. We talk about solutions, not problems. We give constructive and positive feedback.

Creating CONNECTIONSWe create opportunities for people to connect. Inclusive and welcoming. We value and respect each individual who spends time in our community, whether they be staff, customers, or artists.

Encouraging GROWTHGrowth in sales leads to growth the artists’ businesses, which leads to growth in SDX. We all have our part to play and work as a team to make it happen. We’re not afraid of change and always look at ways to improve.

Celebrating CREATIVITYWe respect each other’s roles and encourage creative input. Creativity and play are fundamental, let’s have fun! We are open to new ideas and points of view.

The key responsibilities of this role would be.

  • Banking
  • Customer service Leader
  • Ensuring Replenishment of stock is done daily
  • Maintaining floor and product standards
  • Assisting artists and designers in barcode and layout
  • Actioning Internal Emails
  • Stock room responsibilities
  • Updating records
  • Promoting SDX and our participants
  • Providing people support to the entire team
  • Housekeeping
  • Actioning Zero Sales of Artist’s by promoting product
  • Providing and Monitoring Training

Responsibilities exclusive to this role

  • Maintaining consistency on policies and procedures
  • Motivating and supporting the store team to achieve targets and goals
  • Maintaining brand consistency
  • Maintaining high levels of customer service
  • Assisting with shift coverage
  • Monitoring levels of store supplies and placing orders.
  • Working with Management to implement improvements and new procedures.
  • Delegating tasks to achieve goals set by SDX.
  • Managing daily tasks through deployment.
  • Overseeing the daily deployment of the team.
  • Rota Management

Who We Are

The Scottish Design Exchange is a Social Enterprise which was created in 2015 by C.E.O Lynzi Leroy. This business was created to help local artists create a business for themselves where over 300 artists come together to represent their work across three stores. Every penny the artists make in the store’s is paid directly to them helping them put more into and build their business with our dedicated support. We are a non-profit business who support artists & designers as well as other charities and social enterprises. Annually we pay out over £1mil in sales directly to our artists & designers.

We want to help those with creative talents to turn their passions into a stable income. We provide mentoring, coaching, and further support for our artists & designers.