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Animal Concern Ltd

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Secretary and Head of Campaigns

  • Full time
  • £26,000
  • This post is home based. If necessary we will help you equip and furnish a home office and an allowance for energy use will be made.
  • Closing 11th August 2022

The charities Animal Concern Limited and Animal Concern Advice Line can trace their history back to 1876. Our Secretary and Campaigner for the last 42 years has to take early retirement due to ill health and we need someone new to run both the administration and campaign sides of our work.

We need someone with experience in charity administration. Animal Concern is also a not for profit Limited Company.

Of most importance is a genuine concern for animal welfare and rights. Animal Concern campaigns under the banner “Legislate to Liberate”. We and our supporters lobby politicians, commercial concerns and policy makers to try and improve the lot of animals in all areas where they are exploited. Over the last 42 years we have made a point of highlighting issues which most other organisations did not campaign on. As a small organisation we avoid duplicating the work of other groups and target our resources at issues others have yet to embrace.

Among many other positive campaigns we were responsible for banning the giving of goldfish and other animals as prizes in Scotland. We rescued death sentenced bears from a closing safari park, closed down the Scottish end of a horrific international research project using primates, obtained the only prosecution of a seal shooting salmon farmer and were heavily involved in restricting the use of airguns in Scotland.

We have a long list of objectives we have yet to accomplish and we need the right person to help us achieve those aims.